Call The Cops! Sometimes it’s the best way to raise the value in your neighborhood.

Recently we bought a home to do an Energy Wise Renovation in one of our targeted neighborhoods.  Kind of spotty actually, some really nice blocks and then some not so nice areas mixed in.   This neighborhood is in the “Valley of Decision.”  The burst of energy it had when it was new 45 years ago is gone.   Everything is worn out and being replaced,  the roof, the appliances, the air conditioner.   The first owners have raised their kids and moved on.   More renters have moved in.   Now the neighborhood is in the Valley of Decision.   It’s either going to go up or it’s going to go down.  As investors, we have opportunity to influence that decision and at GreenEarthEquities, we are committed to do our level best to see that the neighborhood improves.  It’s not just philanthropic, it helps our sales and appraisals and a rising tide floats all the boats.

So imagine our dismay when we found our new next door neighbor was dealing drugs!   Two big men who should have been working, sat in lawn chairs drinking beer and welcoming many guests who came and went during the day.    It was so bad it actually cost us a sale.   (We pre-sell our renovation projects)  A client who had verbally committed to the home changed their mind after seeing the drug dealing.

We discussed doing our own surveillance and turning it over to the police, but it wasn’t necessary.  Someone knew a police officer and a phone call was made on a Friday.  The next Monday, our workers looked up and saw 4 police cars and a Paddy Wagon.   Suddenly the marketability of all the homes on my street just went back up!   Yahoo! and Kudos to our police chief, Jerry Dyer.  (Fresno, California)

As investors, we have a vested interest in helping all neighborhoods be the best they can be.   Sometimes, they just need a little help.   And a call from a concerned citizen might be all it will take.

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