GreenEarthEquity presents Unique Business model at Kansas City Convention

The last few days I’ve been presenting my poster at the Kansas City annual conference held by the Affordable Comfort Institute.   Most of the attendees direct

Explaining the Poster to Energy Program Directors

Energy Programs for various states and Cities around the country.   So they were coming from a different perspective.   Most were amazed that GreenEarthEquities is able to sell the homes we do in the current real estate market.  About 20 people got excited and could see themselves doing Energy-Wise Renovation of Foreclosed Homes in their own cities.  That’s great news and a good beginning toward the 1000 businesses that I would like to see started before these wonderful foreclosures are all gone.   They will be joining us on the Tuesday Evening conference call.

Of course being program managers, politicians and public funded scientists and coming from that context, some will try to build a program  around forecloses homes. I’m OK with that and will help them all I can.  My only demand is that  whatever program gets developed needs to require energy retrofitting if it is to receive public funding.  That is in the open letter to all Mayors,  Governors, and Presidents at the end of my poster.    At this conference I was “preaching to the choir.”  Everyone was in agreement that no tax dollars should be spent on “whitewash” or carpet and paint type of rehabs.   The reason that these type of flips are really bad for a community will be the subject of another post.

The poster is just 12 Keynote Slides that does a pretty good job of explaining our business model. The letter to Mayors etc is slide #12  at the end.  I’ll email the whole poster to anyone who leaves an email in the comments.  If you agree with my conclusions, I’d be happy if you’d pass it on to your own mayors or other government officials.  Several asked if they could use it in their own groups.  Yes, of course.

Presenting the poster clarified my thinking and convinced me more fully that the Energy-Wise Renovation of Foreclosed Homes is absolutely the “Lowest Hanging Fruit” for energy saving in our residential housing stock that is available.   Everything else would cost more and produce less savings and do less to improve our communities and our planet.

Another clarity is that Opportunities Pass.   This golden opportunity with the current crop of foreclosures wont last forever.   And the opportunity to do really good work and really be a blessing in our communities will be gone soon enough.   Each time a foreclosure goes to a “carpet and paint” house flipper and turns into a rental, opportunities for the community and the planet are lost.

So the urgency of finding and helping the first 1000 businesses doing Energy Wise Renovation across our country has ratcheted up for me.   Several folks are doing media and setting up teaching opportunities to get the message out.  I appreciate them immensely as this project is way too big for me alone.   All help is appreciated and all are welcome on the Free Conference Calls on Tuesday evenings at 6pm Pacific time.   To receive the notes of the teaching ahead of the call email me of your interest and I will email you the slides along with the call in number and access number.

Explaining the Poster to Energy Program Directors
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  1. Jeff Adams

    Could you please send the above mentioned poster.

    I’m interested in your business model for use in the San Diego area.

    I’m a general contractor and heard of you at a presentation yesterday at the Center for Sustainable Energy.

    Thank you.

  2. Patrick McKelvey PE (ret)

    I would like a copy of your power points. I am using my home as a demonstration site. Built in 1953 it represents some of the worst energy-unconcious design methods used. I have gotten as far as starting to learn EnergyPlus program from the DOE. Not one for the unfamiliar with engineering. I don’t have a web site as I do this freelance and volunteer as someone working full time would starve in this slow-to-adopt-anything city.

    Keep up the great work

  3. Wm. Brent Whalen II

    Yes…Please send me the info and tools you mentioned. I look forward spreading the word and to picking some of that low lying fruit. Sounds a lot safer than tree climbing.

    Thanks GEEC


  4. daverobinson

    The tools are in these presentations behind the PlanetSavers University Tab. I’d get the books that are listed, “Flip” by Volani etc.


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