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Dave Robinson contracted energy renovations for 30 years and served the industry as president of the California Building Performance Association before starting GreenEarthEquities in 2008.  He performs deep energy retrofits on foreclosed homes and and is building an Army of Energy-Wise Investors to do the same.  As the principal of GreenEarthEquities, his column provides proven insights into the nuts and bolts of profitable energy-wise house flipping utilizing the latest green building tools and technology.  Click here to read one or all of his many posts on every aspect of this issue. his column provides proven insights into the nuts and bolts of profitable energy-wise house flipping utilizing the latest green building tools and technology.  Click here to read one or all of his many posts on every aspect of this issue.

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Passiv Haus, Dresden, Day 1

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The first day of the PassivHaus conference in Dresden showed some clear similarities in the Home Performance Industry in Europe and America as well as some huge differences.   Similarities:   1. The industry on both continents is developing with a strong reliance on subsidies, either government grants or tax credits, or utility rebates.    Testing and certification is essential to this approach and is...Continue Reading!

Oops! I Forgot The Most Cost Effective Green Measure!

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On Tuesday's Webinar, I relented and gave a "Top 10" list of Home Performance Measures.    As I explained, the danger in this is that not all houses are the same and so they rarely fit perfectly into this type of prescriptive thinking.    Even more dangerous is to rely on the list and because everything is checked off, not...Continue Reading!

100525 Top 10 List For Energy Wise Home Renovation

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GreenEarthEquites Top 10 List for Energy Wise Home Renovation.  Homes can vary greatly in both challenges and potential.  Learn techniches that will help create a strategy for success and assist in implement your plans effectively when addressing the Four Areas of Home Performance which are: (1) Energy Envelope  (2) Comfort Systems  (3) Safety and Air Quality  (4) Water Conservation. [issuu viewmode=presentation Reading!

“Top 10” Home Performance Renovations? What If You Had To Choose?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

That was exactly the question that one of the readers from Sacramento asked me last week.  I thought it was a good question and worthy of writing an article about.   But first the disclaimer and a few caveats.    Us humans love lists,  especially Top 10 lists.   They can be an aid to thinking, especially for the one...Continue Reading!

100518 Picking Your Team

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100518203703-3ae2795f4b164558ac18d3c0bb72491f docname=100518_picking_your_team username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=100518%20Picking%20Your%20Team showhtmllink=true tag=renovation width=500 height=375 unit=px]Continue Reading!

100511 Lessons From New Construction

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100512005233-861bf87c5aa942b89d62f89d5343157d docname=100511_lessons_from_new_construction username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=100511%20Lessons%20From%20New%20Construction showhtmllink=true tag=renovation width=500 height=375 unit=px] Continue Reading!

Home Performance and Pretty? Can I Have Both? Quickly?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Have you ever "day dreamed" or fantasized, "What if life circumstances changed & you re-located across the country and got to choose a new place to live?" I know that if you're reading this blog, you're at least somewhat of a Home Performance Geek like me. And I know that only a few of us in this industry actually...Continue Reading!

A New Brand Or Just An Expanded Menu?

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100504172410-8cb85d5554664389920def7e20a3da9a docname=100504_a_new_brand_or_add_to_the_menu_ username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=100504%20A%20New%20Brand%20Or%20Add%20To%20The%20Menu showhtmllink=true tag=remodeling width=500 height=375 unit=px]Continue Reading!

Green? Greenwashed? Or Just Miss A Few Details?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

A Southern California "Green Renovation Home" just got a lot of press and a Congressional Award.... and then the "rest of the story" came out.   The home was called  Net Zero but actually turned out to be an Energy Hog.    What Happened?   Here's the article (From a British source.... seems to be arm's length observation) This is exactly...Continue Reading!

100427 ACI 2010 Wrap Up

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100427233205-c0f4cc63970f4020a4221ec392f5180b docname=100427__aci_2010_wrap_up username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=100427%20%20ACI%202010%20Wrap%20Up width=500 height=450 unit=px]Continue Reading!


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