Who knew? We treat our Vets so badly?

Two weeks ago I had no clue that Veterans have such a difficult time using that supposed benefit, the VA Loan.   But in the last two weeks, I've got an education.   I've sold one of my Energy-Wise Renovations to a Veteran.   We've been working with his wife all along during renovation on design and color selection etc.   Now it seems that the family is not going to qualify and I've found out that both the credit and appraisal process for Vets is more difficult than either conventional or FHA financing.   When I started asking my Realtor friends about this, they...Continue Reading!

Investing: The best days to buy

I have found that I get my best bargains in one of two times:  Either the first day that a listing hits the market, or after many months.   First response has worked well for me, as has being the first one in after a price reduction.   So the maxim is true, "The early bird gets the worm." On the other end of the spectrum the listing that has sat around for a long time can be a good deal as well.  Maybe it was over priced at the beginning.   I buy mostly foreclosures to do my Energy Wise Renovations and it...Continue Reading!

Call The Cops! Sometimes it’s the best way to raise the value in your neighborhood.

Recently we bought a home to do an Energy Wise Renovation in one of our targeted neighborhoods.  Kind of spotty actually, some really nice blocks and then some not so nice areas mixed in.   This neighborhood is in the "Valley of Decision."  The burst of energy it had when it was new 45 years ago is gone.   Everything is worn out and being replaced,  the roof, the appliances, the air conditioner.   The first owners have raised their kids and moved on.   More renters have moved in.   Now the neighborhood is in the Valley of Decision.   It's either going...Continue Reading!

A Tale of Two Foreclosures (Different Investors, Different Results)

It was one of my first offers as I was getting into Energy Wise real estate investing.   I was learning to negotiate and I asked for too much in my due diligence phase.   The bank sold it to another investor.... but I was successful on the one next door for the same price.    I knew everything about both houses so I watched with interest as the other investor proceeded on his project.   He got done a lot faster.   He patched the roof, I replaced mine.   He jury rigged a used air conditioner, I put on a new one with new...Continue Reading!

Two House Flipping Rookies compare notes after 3 deals.

Today I had lunch with my long time friend, Ron Roberts, at Boston Market.  About 5 months ago I had convinced Ron that it was a perfect time to start buying and fixing houses.   I had dragged him to one investing seminar and that's all it took.   We're both contractors who had been away from real estate investing for many years, but it didn't take much for each of us to see what a great opportunity real estate in this economy was for an entrepeurial, creative type person who knew their way around home improvements and remodeling.    That describes us,...Continue Reading!

Are You Dumb Enough To Be Rich? Book Review

One of my favorite real estate trainers is Bill Barnett.   I attended one of his three day trainings and  he and his wife, Kris put on an excellent event.   Bill's background is finance so he's very good with the numbers, but his biggest strength is his ability to tell a story to get his point across.  Us humans learn best with stories.  This carries on in his book, Are You Dumb Enough To Be Rich?,  and I read it straight thru. One chapter that is worth it's weight in gold is the one on soliciting private money for investment.   Bill outlines...Continue Reading!

The Perfect Storm with Green Clouds

I'd been disillusioned about real estate investing for about 20 years.   I remember the phone call that took me out of the game.   About 11:30 one evening I learned that a tennant's water heater needed to be lit.  On my way across town to light it, I remember saying, "That's it, I'm done, let's sell all this stuff."   And we did.   It may have been a bad decision, maybe it was the best for raising a family.... It was what it was.    But now the family is raised, grandbabies are wonderful, and last July I got hit in the head...Continue Reading!

Hamburger, It’s essential when feeding a dog a pill and…

Have you ever tried to feed a dog a pill, a pill that was going to be good for him?   It was a really good pill, I knew that, but he wouldn't believe it, and was ready to do me bodliy harm to maintain his position.  Until I brought out the secret weapon.  Hamburger.   I even let him watch me put the pill in the hamburger, then he munched it right down, pill and all. For the last 30 years, I have made my living persuading customers that my energy conservation pills would be good for them.   I've had varying levels...Continue Reading!

Energy-Wise Renovations: Will they sell in this market?

What is an Energy-Wise Renovation anyway?    To be an Energy-Wise Renovation, which is the main focus of this blog, the renovator must take the "whole house approach."   At a minimum, that will include: Dual Pane Low E2 Windows,  Big insulation in attic and walls, R38 to 55 depending on your climate zone, Attention to "thermal bypasses," Shell sealing of the floor and attic, New HVAC system,  New engineered and sealed duct system, a ventilation scheme, because the house will now be tight enough to need one, and an air quality and CO test to ensure safety.   The best jobs...Continue Reading!


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