Passiv Haus, Dresden, Day 1

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The first day of the PassivHaus conference in Dresden showed some clear similarities in the Home Performance Industry in Europe and America as well as some huge differences.   Similarities:   1. The industry on both continents is developing with a strong reliance on subsidies, either government grants or tax credits, or utility rebates.    Testing and certification is essential to this approach and is a backbone of both industries. 2.  The early adopters of deep energy retrofits are usually very expensive.  One home that was showcased today had a $574,000 Euro price tag for the retrofit.    This obviously takes significant subsidy or a "true believer"...Continue Reading!

Green? Greenwashed? Or Just Miss A Few Details?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

A Southern California "Green Renovation Home" just got a lot of press and a Congressional Award.... and then the "rest of the story" came out.   The home was called  Net Zero but actually turned out to be an Energy Hog.    What Happened?   Here's the article (From a British source.... seems to be arm's length observation) This is exactly the type of press that we dont need in our emerging industry.  What can we do to prevent it?   See my previous post HERE, agreeing with Henry Gifford that checklist based renovations can miss a few seemingly small pieces...Continue Reading!

100427 ACI 2010 Wrap Up

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100427233205-c0f4cc63970f4020a4221ec392f5180b docname=100427__aci_2010_wrap_up username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=100427%20%20ACI%202010%20Wrap%20Up width=500 height=450 unit=px]Continue Reading!

100223 PG&E Class Recommendations For Energy Wise Renovators

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100223210905-5b7e7e58026b4022a9ecf828f0ce11f4 docname=100223_pg_e_class_offerings username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=100223%20PG%26E%20Class%20Offerings%20%26%20Recommendations width=500 height=375 unit=px]Continue Reading!

Influence The Appraisal With Your Open House Brochure?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Today we had an Open House at a newly renovated home.  Several people commented about the brochure that we provided, so I decided to post it.   If you click the images they will expand to full size. It's our standard 4 page brochure which is more extensive than the standard one page photocopy provided by most realtors. Each page has a purpose  and there is a whole series of slides in PlanetSavers University explaining why we feel it's worth the extra effort.  The first page mentions my Realtor, but just barely.   Pictures are obviously important but it also includes...Continue Reading!

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