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Dave Robinson Wins BPI 2012 Tony Woods Award

Dave Robinson wins 2012 Building Performance Industry's Tony Woods Award for Excellence in Advancing the Home Performance Industry. Dave was recognized for his passionate commitment to performing deep energy retrofits on foreclosed homes while training others to do the same...


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#198 Pond Rd & GEE Update

198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME GEE Updates After a brutal Maine winter (during which the Mini Split system performed fantastically) the snow's melted and our 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME project is all but complete. Join us this Tuesday 6PM PDT for updated...Read More.


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#Open Forum: Q & A – Solar, Sacramento Test House

Open Forum: Q & A Solar, Sacramento Test House... I'm happy to be back after three weeks in Europe. We've got some interesting webinars in the works but this Tuesday I'd like to hear about any projects you may have or would...Read More.

New Articles and Archives

G.E.A.R. Extra Value Services

New Site For Green Earth EquitiesG.E.A.R. Membership Added Value ScreenCast

February 3rd, 2012

G.E.A.R. Membership Added Value ScreenCast Explore all the added value features G.E.A.R. members are enjoying! GEE’s invested  decades, developing and  refining  the expertise necessary  for  successful  energy  wise house flipping,  providing  an  array of free educational  services  to our  many Green Building partners. While continuing our commitment to provide free information, growing requests for in depth training has lead to our offering an added  value service,  G.E.A.R. (Green Earth Alliance of Renovators). Constantly developing in content,  this  subscription membership is available for a  $29  monthly  fee or  $299 annually for greater savings. [vimeo width="800" height="475"][/vimeo]Read More.

G.R.I.P. Program and the Department of Energy

New Site For Green Earth EquitiesComplex or Simple? You Choose

March 31st, 2011

I've spent the week at the annual ACI Convention (Affordable Comfort Institute) in San Francisco.  A group of friends were considering "Our biggest take-away" from the meetings.    I said I have never seen so much agreement that we need to simplify this new Home Performance Industry or it will flounder before it even gets started.   I heard variations of that sentiment from several Utility and Government & Program leaders. And of course that has been my feeling all along. Not everyone put the KISS principle at the absolute top of the list but no one in that group of friends discounted the idea or thought that more complexity would be a good idea. But therein lies the rub.    You dont have to set out to add complexity for things...Read More.

Energy Wise House Flipping Success Stories

New Site For Green Earth EquitiesInterview with Devon Hartman: CHERP

February 20th, 2013

Devon Hartman Interview Claremont Home Energy Retrofit Project Tonight we have a special guest interview with Devon Hartman co-founder of CHERP: Claremont Home Energy Retrofit Project. CHERP Claremont is a fantastic prototype organization bringing volunteers and professionals together who believe that "Energy is at the Heart of the Matter." Having reached their initial goal to complete energy retrofits on 1% of the single-family homes in the city of Claremont, CHERP's raised it's target to 10% while looking to duplicating itself in other cities throughout California! With many case studies to showcase, Devon's looking forward to discussing his low cost - high impact method of implementing the greatest percentage of energy retrofits in a single city in the nation. Bring your questions and comments and join us tonight at 6PM PT to learn the ins and...Read More.

Making Building Industry Energy Partners

New Site For Green Earth Equities2013 Dry Climate Home Performance Forum

February 6th, 2013

2013 Dry Climate Forum Home Performance: Lake Comanche, CA Dave's attending the Annual Forum on Dry Climate Home Performance in Lake Comanche Sunday February 3rd to Wednesday February 6th.  An invitation only event, tonight's Webinar will be a remote broadcast interview with attendees. The forum's focus is on three goals: Continuing Education: Discussion of implementation of the building science recognizing the house as as system model. Technical Solutions: Sorting out the marketing from true measured performance. Teamwork: Representatives from CPUC, CEC, PG&E, SCE, SMUD, LBNL, NREL and EPA in addition to Home Performance contractors and trainers. Join us tonight 6PM Pacific Time to hear Dave's thoughts and other industry leaders.  As always, we look forward to your questions and comments. To download this Webex presentation click here.  To watch this audio/video presentation you’ll need to install the FREE Webex...Read More.


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