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Bullseye Every Time

Many Renovators and Investors have a basic idea of the value of Energy Wise Residential Remodeling yet hesitate for fear their remodeled properties won’t generate enough profit to justify the additional expense.

GreenEarthEquities offers friendly expertise and experience through a variety of Articles and Blogs, Webinars and Videos, Field Trips and Consulting to help overcome such hurdles.  A primary strategy is the tripple  threat of our Energy, WOW and Done Packages


Overcoming the Green Challenge

Does it come as a surprise to you that the home buying public is still not ready to open their wallet and pay for Green or Energy Efficiency? More decisions get made similar to this one than us “Logical” humans want to admit. It’s OK… Don’t Analyze. Utilize!

Of course this is a generalization but HERE is a recent study that quantifies the public’s interest in Green…

Naturally, in areas of greater affluence and Environmental Awareness there is a higher percentage of people who are willing to pay what it costs for a complete Green and Energy Efficient makeover.    My experience in Mid-State California, in a 30 year career selling energy related items was pretty dismal at selling complete packages.    I can count on one hand the number of people who said, “OK Dave, let’s do the whole thing, everything you suggested.”

But wait,  Hope is not lost!   I’ve finally found a way to sell very complete Energy Renovation Packages…. Yes, Every time.  You see, as an Energy-Wise Renovating Investor, I have a tremendous advantage in deciding what gets included.   I put in everything I want, Everytime.   I only have to sell myself, so I have a 100% closing ratio!

So how do I do it since the statistics quoted above and my own experience say that people wont pay for Green or Efficiency?

The “Secret” as far as I’m concerned is to add a nice package of Remodeling  and then really complete the job with finishing touches.   I call it the Wow! Factor and the Done Factor.   It makes a final product that is unique and compelling in the market.  That’s why my projects sell quickly,  usually before they are done and usually for full price or more.

If you’re interested in helping your community, reducing crime, creating green jobs, making money, having fun, perhaps a new career, reducing energy consumption, and generally saving the planet, one house at a time….. Sign up to receive this blog feed and the Facebook business page at the top right of this page.

You can also join the discussion every Tuesday as we discuss the nuances of  ”Energy Wise House Flipping”   Click the FREE WEBINAR tab and you’ll be kept updated.    PLANETSAVERS UNIVERSITY is where we keep the archives of all those discussions.


Additional Energy, WOW and Done Information

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Fujitsu Mini Split Heat Pump Performance Test

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Green Home Reference Guide

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Green Home Reference Guide by Debra Little and Steve Easley Debra is a Real Estate agent and a Certified Appraiser and Steve is a Building Science Forensic Expert who collaborated on this Green Home Reference Guide for use in PG&E training for Realtors and Appraisers.   Click here for Green Home Reference Guide Webinar Part 1 Click here to download a PDF or simply view content below. ... Green Home Reference Guide Energy Efficient Features ... Envelope Assembly type- 2X6, SIPs, ICF, alternating studs… Air/Shell seal-  Attic Air/Shell seal-  Crawl Air/Shell seal-  Wall Insulation R value- Attic___, walls___, floors___ Min 10 inches in attic? Insulation QII - Quality Installation; no gaps, voids Infiltration- Blower Door test results ______CFM@50 Advanced ...Continue Reading!

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eMonitor Installation: 4404 N. Eddy Fresno CA Part 1

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eMonitor Installation 4404 N. Eddy Fresno CA Part 1 This video is offered as part of GEE's eMonitor Program.  Part 1 provides step by step training on the preliminaries necessary for installation.  From reviewing shipped contents and connection options to mounting a weather proof box (should you choose exterior placement) and electrical panel circuit identification. [vimeo width="600" height="475"][/vimeo]Continue Reading!

120103 eMonitor Installation 4404 N Eddy Fresno CA

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111206 Home Performance Nightmare

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Fresno Field Trip January 2011 Part 2

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