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Jack Frost 42 Year Veteran- President of the SMI Eco-Fund and Co-Managing Partner and President of Sierra Mortgage Investments, LP (REIT) and Co-Managing Partner, Frokaykel, a Real Estate Development Company. He is a past owner and President of a full service Mortgage Banking company with experience in Mortgage Lending / Executive Management / Real Estate Investments / Property Management / Financial Services and Strategic Marketing and Business Development. He is dedicated to the development of "Affordable, Green, and Energy-Efficient housing and was appointed by the Citrus Heights City Council to serve as representative on the Sacramento Human Rights / Fair Housing Commission. Jack is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity of Sacramento.

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Including “Wow” and “Energy-Efficient” Improvements on “foreclosed” homes can “increase” investor ROI’s.

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"Wow" and "Energy-Efficient" Improvements Improvements on "foreclosed" homes can "increase" investor ROI's   Lipstick flippers are leaving profits on the table and missing a golden opportunity to leverage current bargains on foreclosed properties and the opportunity to improve the energy-efficiency and comfort for future homeowners and renters. Investors "typically" use all cash to acquire foreclosed homes and generally limit improvements to the minimum required to expedite a flip transaction to...Continue Reading!

The SAVE Act Gathers Broad-based Support

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The SAVE Act Gathers Broad-based Support In today's heated Washington, DC environment, it's not often that groups like the Center for American Progress and the Chamber of Commerce are on the same page. But that's what is happening with the "SAVE" Act (Sensible Accounting to Value Energy), which could be a key long-term driver of growth in energy efficiency retrofits. The bill...Continue Reading!


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