Energy-Wise House Flipper Reveals Secrets To Investing In Troubled Economy

Nice Remodeling (The Wow! Package) combines with attention to all details (The Done Package) and the Energy Package to present a compelling final product to the HomeBuyer.

Nice Remodeling (The Wow! Package) combines with attention to all details (The Done Package) and the Energy Package to present a compelling final product to the HomeBuyer.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  The famous words of Charles Dickens were never more true than now for the real estate professional who is willing to think outside the box.   After 33 years in Real Estate and Construction which included stints as a Real Estate Agent, a Broker, but mainly a General Contractor,  my wife and I “retired” last year and looked around for new careers to land in.

We both found areas that were a passion for us, that Common Wisdom (and our friends) said, “Oh that’s not a good choice in this Economy.”   She has become a top selling Travel Agency and I have become an Energy-Wise House Flipper.  And we’re both having more fun than ever before.

About a year ago I realized the “Perfect Storm” of Opportunity for me to jump back into real estate investing.   Foreclosures were at an all time high,  Interest rates are down, Rents are staying up, Banks are desperate to get rid of REO inventory.   It seemed a great time to buy foreclosures and install all the energy saving items and the remodeling that  I had sold as a contractor for 3 decades.

My Realtor and Contractor friends said, “But Dave, you wont be able to sell your houses if you put that much into them.”     Well, now that the first 5 are sold at a profit, I am convinced  that whether it is the best of times or worst of times has little to do with the times and all to do with how we play the cards that life deals us.

Those first 5 Flips helped develop and clarify the “Three Package System” of Renovation that is working well in today’s economy. I realized that I was having so much fun and this was such a great opportunity that I wanted to share what was working for me in the hopes of helping someone who needed a new career or just a boost in what they were already doing.  So I started teaching classes on Energy-Wise House Flipping every Tuesday  on free conference calls as well as classes for  our Utility Company and Trade Association.  (PG&E & CBPCA)

Each week I send out a series of Power Point pdf’s by email to all who are interested.   Then during the conference call, each  person can self navigate through the slides and at the end of the call, keep the slides for reference.   Here is a sample of the training on Energy-Wise House Flipping (Click Here).  Every Tuesday at 6 PM Pacific I host a free conference call on Energy Wise House Flipping.   The Call-In number is  605 475 4800.  The Access Code is 795323#   If any of this about a new career or an addition to what you are doing, makes sense to you, you are welcome to join us.  I hope to see you on the call.   Email me first and I will send you the slides ahead of time.  (

I am amazed at the people who jump on board this train in these best of times and worst of times.   And who doesn’t jump on.  One of my best students is a boat canvass seamstress!  And many building scientists and real estate professionals haven’t seen their way out of the status quo to grasp this golden opportunity.

We call it PlanetSavers Universtiy because we really are “Saving The Planet, One (foreclosed) House At A Time.”   Our teaching at PlanetSavers is unique.  It is more than just House Flipping, more than just Wow! Remodeling & more than just smart buying and selling of real estate.    It includes all of that and could benefit many if it were better promoted to those who are ready for something different in their business.   I am just now starting this Tomato Blog for that purpose but to move to the next level, I need to incorporate the Web 2.0 and social media that will be featured at Inman Connect in San Fransisco August 5-7.

Jim,  these are the reasons that  you should see me in San Fransisco:

1.  The Uniqueness of my message.  It is different from anything else on the Vine or even the Guru Seminars for thousands of dollars.

2.  My desire to freely share my secrets.

3.  My desire to embrace the new technology.  (The 50 words exactly for the contest start with “Jim”)

I hope to see you all in San Fransisco

Dave Robinson,   Energy-Wise House Flipper

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  1. Laurie Long

    I always knoew you were ingenious… This sounds like something I need to do…with your help of course!

  2. daverobinson

    Thanks for visiting. I’m having more fun than a human ought to have. BTW are you going to Inman Connect in SanFransisco in a couple of weeks. We could have coffee.


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