Green Home Reference Guide

Green Home Reference Guide

by Debra Little and Steve Easley

Debra is a Real Estate agent and a Certified Appraiser and Steve is a Building Science Forensic Expert who collaborated on this Green Home Reference Guide for use in PG&E training for Realtors and Appraisers.


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Green Home Reference Guide

Energy Efficient Features


  • Assembly type- 2X6, SIPs, ICF, alternating studs…
  • Air/Shell seal-  Attic
  • Air/Shell seal-  Crawl
  • Air/Shell seal-  Wall
  • Insulation R value- Attic___, walls___, floors___
  • Min 10 inches in attic?
  • Insulation QII – Quality Installation; no gaps, voids
  • Infiltration- Blower Door test results ______CFM@50
  • Advanced  Framing-  less  wood
  • Thermal Bridging-  designed to prevent
  • Foam wrapped exterior
  • Windows- type is EE___________. U___, SHG___
  • Windows- positioned for cross breezes & ventilation
  • Windows- provide high %  natural daylight
  • Windows- Shading, eaves, coverings

Mechanical Systems

  • Ducts- new
  • Ducts- sealed & insulated  R8
  • Duct leakage tested
  • Ductless system
  • HVAC- new, sized by design
  • HVAC- high EER/SEER
  • ERV- Energy Recovery Ventilator
  • HRV- Heat Recovery Ventilator
  • Ventilation- exhaust
  • Ventilation- balanced (supply & exhaust)
  • Hot water heater- Energy Star
  • Condensing water heater
  • Heat pump water heater
  • Tankless water heater

Base load (predominantly influenced by occupancy behavior)

  • Lighting- high efficacy
  • Lighting- can lights are sealed & insulated
  • Permanent appliances- Energy Star
  • Energy feedback monitor

Water Efficiency


  • Low flow, high efficacy fixtures
  • Insulated hot water pipes
  • EE distribution design
  • Demand controlled recirculation pump
  • Point of entry or use filtration system
  • Solar Thermal


  • Auto drip, timed sprinklers
  • Weather controlled sprinkler system
  • Pool pump- variable speed, solar
  • Water collection or recycling
  • Permeable paving


  • Orientation for solar
  • Shading
  • Drainage, water management


Renewable Energy

  • Solar photovoltaic
    • Sized for Net Zero
  • Solar Thermal

NEB Green Features
Indoor Air Quality

  • Ventilation- filtered fresh air
  • Bath fan controllers- occupant sensor, timer, humidistat
  • Low/no VOC paints & sealants
  • No off gassing materials- particleboards, MDF, flooring
  • Formaldehyde tested
  • Combustion appliances located exterior & tested
  • Attached garage has exhaust fan
  • H20 heater- sealed combustion
  • Fireplace- sealed combustion
  • Furnace- sealed combustion


  • Recycled materials- concrete, wood, tile, _______
  • Landscaping- drought tolerant
  • Landscaping/hardscape- reduce heat island effect
  • Location-  transportation access, walkscore
  • Roof- light colored or “Cool roof”
  • Exterior color- lighter
  • Sound quality- exterior, interior
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