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Energy Wise Impressions from Russia People ask, "What was your biggest Take-Away from your recent trip to Russia?"   Well, this Tuesday I'm going to answer that on our 6:00 webinar. Believe it or not, it has a lot to do with Energy Wise House Flipping. As always, I took a lot of pictures, so you'll see  some of the tourist shots as well as a look at some construction, housing and heating systems. Now that Russia is experimenting with Free Enterprise, they are dealing with some of the same things we are: How to finance deals.? How to get started?  Who controls...Continue Reading!

Green Renovation Wars: Intel From The Front Lines 110705

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Going Green and Making Green $ Some of the things we'll be discussing: How did you choose this property? What did you like about it? Can you show us the comps that you used? How did you calculate your sell price (ARV)? How much work are you doing yourself?  How many subs / vendors? Where did you find them? What is your targeted turn around time? How do you choose your colors and finishes and fixtures? How much of the Wow!,  Done, & Energy Packages are you including?  What is your Marketing Plan? Retail sale?  Will you list the property?  Do you think it...Continue Reading!

Increase The Sales Price And Lower Costs 110712

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What Can We Do To Increase The Sales Price And Lower The Costs? We got a good start in our interview with Brian Sipp about his project last week. Thanks Brian for being a pioneer!  This week we'll continue analyzing this project as it nears completion and is getting ready to sell: Discussion topics to consider: What is the ARV? How was it determined?  We'll look at comps. How much extra credit is given to the Energy Package?  The Wow? Is there any way to push the value higher? Do you need a 100% retail sale NOW? When to put up the...Continue Reading!


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