Wholesalers Can Save You A Lot Of Time!

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We are in escrow to purchase our first property from a "Wholesaler."    I didn't see it coming, but I'm glad I got a call a couple of weeks ago from Sam Okenyi & his partner, Chris Williams.    They were familiar with our Green Renovation and Classy Remodeling work from our job sign and our CraigsList ads and knew that we would be the most likely buyer on their list if they could just get us to take a look at it. (See video of my interview with Sam and Chris) They had found a real mess of...Continue Reading!

“McMansion” Era Coming To An End?

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"McMansion" Era Coming To An End?       So wondered a recent Wall Street Journal article.  Read it Here. You can recall the history of homebuilding by taking a driving tour in your city.   What you'll notice is that there has always been a small percentage (5-10) of the "Grand Old Homes"  Mansions or Near Mansions, and then the rest of the housing stock.   In my town of Fresno, CA the Grand Old Homes were on Huntington and Van Ness Boulevard in the early 1900s.   Two Stories with 4ooo square feet or more was the order of...Continue Reading!

Energy Incentive Money… How Would YOU spend it?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

As you know, there is a flood of Federal Money descending on cities everywhere and very few are equipped to WISELY go out and spend all that money.   Unfortunately, a lot of what gets cobbled together will be the result of who had the best salesman or lobbyist, or simply who got there first.  Like Von Bismark is reported to have said, "to retain respect for sausages and laws, one must not watch them in the making." I just learned of one such program being offered in Sacramento,  The Vacant Properties Program, which uses Neighborhood Stabilization Funding.  The program: Targets...Continue Reading!

Next “Wave” of Foreclosures: Fact or Fiction? (Dont Hold Your Breath)

New Site For Green Earth Equities

We've all been told that there's another "Wave" of foreclosures coming and I've even done some of my own planning based on that prediction.   Almost all of the people I've heard the next "wave theory" from were just repeating what they had heard from someone else.  The more thoughtful of these pointed to the continuing rise in Notices Of Default but we all scratched our heads because the expected actual foreclosures didn't show up on the REO market.    What happened?   The foreclosures seemed to get lost on their way to the MLS... I had nothing objective to base...Continue Reading!

Will Your Buyers Consider More Efficient (Green) Mini Split Air Conditioning?

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Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are typical in all the rest of the world besides the United States.   Here's a Fact and a Question that may be more timely in this economy... Fact:  Mini Split Systems can be 25 to 50% more energy efficient than conventional forced air systems.   This is because of two factors, 1.  Inverter Technology which allows higher SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of up to 21 SEER.   2. Zero energy  loss thru duct leakage and duct heat transfer.  That's because there are no ducts in these systems. Question:  Why have American Consumers and HVAC...Continue Reading!

Interior 3405 N. Miami, Fresno CA

New Site For Green Earth Equities

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dkyFGb9NkM[/youtube]      Continue Reading!

GreenEarthEquity presents Unique Business model at Kansas City Convention

New Site For Green Earth Equities

The last few days I've been presenting my poster at the Kansas City annual conference held by the Affordable Comfort Institute.   Most of the attendees direct Energy Programs for various states and Cities around the country.   So they were coming from a different perspective.   Most were amazed that GreenEarthEquities is able to sell the homes we do in the current real estate market.  About 20 people got excited and could see themselves doing Energy-Wise Renovation of Foreclosed Homes in their own cities.  That's great news and a good beginning toward the 1000 businesses that I would...Continue Reading!

Investing: The best days to buy

I have found that I get my best bargains in one of two times:  Either the first day that a listing hits the market, or after many months.   First response has worked well for me, as has being the first one in after a price reduction.   So the maxim is true, "The early bird gets the worm." On the other end of the spectrum the listing that has sat around for a long time can be a good deal as well.  Maybe it was over priced at the beginning.   I buy mostly foreclosures to do my Energy Wise Renovations and it...Continue Reading!

Two House Flipping Rookies compare notes after 3 deals.

Today I had lunch with my long time friend, Ron Roberts, at Boston Market.  About 5 months ago I had convinced Ron that it was a perfect time to start buying and fixing houses.   I had dragged him to one investing seminar and that's all it took.   We're both contractors who had been away from real estate investing for many years, but it didn't take much for each of us to see what a great opportunity real estate in this economy was for an entrepeurial, creative type person who knew their way around home improvements and remodeling.    That describes us,...Continue Reading!

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