110802 Energy Loading Order & What’s Most Important

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Energy Loading Order & What's Most Important? Choosing What Will Your Budget Allow After Enlightenment, we have a "Menu" of Green Options that is so large (and ever expanding) ... that there is no way we can do "Everything" Tonight we will address the question of how to choose and how to best use the budget that we have. BTW that's really important... having a budget. In our business it depends on the initial purchase price, and the ARV, After Repaired Value. No matter how high our ARV or how big our Spread, we still can't do everything. So how to choose the most...Continue Reading!

Trojan Horse Home Performance: Another Way To Get It Done

New Site For Green Earth Equities

                      I've recently begun hearing complaints from folks who are trying to make it in this new Home Performance industry.    What I'm hearing centers around 4 challenges: 1.  Cost in time and money for equipment and training & certification. 2.  Interface with the utility and government programs. 3.  Cost of Marketing and unclosed sales. 4.  Frustration with being unable to sell complete solutions and quality work, now that we know how to deliver it. The Business Model  of Energy Wise House Flipping that we've developed at Green Earth Equities over the last couple of years addresses all four of these issues.  I responded recently to...Continue Reading!

Green? Greenwashed? Or Just Miss A Few Details?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

A Southern California "Green Renovation Home" just got a lot of press and a Congressional Award.... and then the "rest of the story" came out.   The home was called  Net Zero but actually turned out to be an Energy Hog.    What Happened?   Here's the article (From a British source.... seems to be arm's length observation) This is exactly the type of press that we dont need in our emerging industry.  What can we do to prevent it?   See my previous post HERE, agreeing with Henry Gifford that checklist based renovations can miss a few seemingly small pieces...Continue Reading!

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