GEE Team Extended Interview 2010

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GEE Team Extended Interview 2010 A one hour extended interview session with several members of GreenEarthEquities' acquisition and renovation team including Dave Robinson (Principal), Rogelio Covarrubias (Project Manager), Sam & Chris (Triforce Reality), Doug Constant (Fresno First Bank), Tony Gonzalez (Unique Designz Architecture) Ed Hernandez (Design Windows), Gary Richardson (Rare Service HVAC) & Terry Shelton (Advanced Energy & Solar). [vimeo width="650" height="425"][/vimeo]Continue Reading!

Fresno Field Trip January 2011 Part 2

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Fresno Field Trip January 2011 Part 2 Join Dave Robinson and several energy wise house flipper enthusiasts on a Fresno Field Trip that includes 503 Scott Ave Clovis CA in the early stages of remodel.  Bryan Martin, one half of GEE’s favorite real estate agent team, shows the group a new property were Dave discusses the do’s and don’t of making an offer for a potential house flip. [vimeo width="650" height="425"][/vimeo]Continue Reading!

111115 Time For A Change Of Strategy?

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Time For A Change? Developing New Strategies The Market Has Changed. What's Available Now?   How can we maximize the opportunities in the market right now? What doesn't work anymore and what strategies of today are replacing those of yesterday? How can we flex our strategies in order to stay "on mission?" Tonight we'll address those questions and look at three specific examples of deals that we are considering right now. We'll discuss new investment strategies for today's market as well as our best guesses for the future. The addresses are 5449 E Pontiac Way in 93727,  1417 Beverly Court in 93611 and 13 Cedar...Continue Reading!

111108 1207 E. San Madele Fresno CA Update

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Progress Update 1207 E. San Madele Fresno, CA As mentioned last week, Dave is traveling with Luelle this week and we thought this would be another good opportunity to provide an update on our nearly completed project located and 1207 E. San Madele Fresno CA. It's an extensive remodel including moving kitchen and adjacent family room wall back into the 2 car garage nearly 3 feet, raising the drop down formal living room floor several inches and our general Energy, WOW! and Done Packages. I'll have lots of pictures on hand as well as our Project Manager, Rogelio Covarrubias, to answer all your technical...Continue Reading!

Bedrooms and Bath Framing: 1810 Norris Drive E Fresno CA

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Bedrooms and Bath Framing 1810 Norris Drive East Fresno, CA Rogelio and the GEE team frame a converted dining room into a bedroom in the process moving existing hallway, redundant front entrance and expanding small family bath into a luxurious Jack n Jill master bath. [vimeo width="650" height="475"][/vimeo]Continue Reading!

Investors Presentation

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=110929234334-b2829d53906241bb99d6b220f84736c9 docname=investors_presentation username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=Investors%20Presentation showhtmllink=true tag=house%20flipping width=500 height=375 unit=px]Continue Reading!

110920 Getting Top Dollar On Renovations

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Getting Top Dollar Profitable Renovating Ideas You may have seen his presentations at ACI or the 3 part documentary on his own home in Home Energy Magazine. Larry is one who has really lived Building Science, and has since before it became popular. Like me, Larry did real estate and landlording  several decades ago and got out of it... until recently when the "Perfect Storm" of opportunity that we have today with foreclosures, lower prices and low interest got both of us to jump back into the game. Larry brings a unique blend of Home Performance to his projects. He knows he can't do everything...Continue Reading!

Including “Wow” and “Energy-Efficient” Improvements on “foreclosed” homes can “increase” investor ROI’s.

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"Wow" and "Energy-Efficient" Improvements Improvements on "foreclosed" homes can "increase" investor ROI's   Lipstick flippers are leaving profits on the table and missing a golden opportunity to leverage current bargains on foreclosed properties and the opportunity to improve the energy-efficiency and comfort for future homeowners and renters. Investors "typically" use all cash to acquire foreclosed homes and generally limit improvements to the minimum required to expedite a flip transaction to a subsequent owner. Annualized ROI's are based on the total amount of capital and the time required to complete the "flip" transaction. The lower the cost and the shorter the completion cycle the higher the ROI. Dave Robinson and Green Earth Equities have created a better mouse trap and Investors are beginning to...Continue Reading!

The SAVE Act Gathers Broad-based Support

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The SAVE Act Gathers Broad-based Support In today's heated Washington, DC environment, it's not often that groups like the Center for American Progress and the Chamber of Commerce are on the same page. But that's what is happening with the "SAVE" Act (Sensible Accounting to Value Energy), which could be a key long-term driver of growth in energy efficiency retrofits. The bill would mandate federal loan agencies to take into account projected energy costs when financing home loans. Efficiency First is part of a large coalition in support of the bill.  The “Sensible Accounting to Value Energy Act,” or SAVE Act, which is...Continue Reading!

110830 Home Performance Made Simple

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=110902150318-0c7f4f90f4d84d01afcfa13d9449e533 docname=110830_home_performance_simplified username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=110830_Home%20Performance%20Simplified showhtmllink=true tag=energy-wise width=500 height=375 unit=px]Continue Reading!


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