110510 Cost Estimating

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110503 Green Opportunities From California to Nebraska

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110426 Challenge for Energy Wise House Flippers

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110419 Three Houses – Which One?

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Financing The Green Dream: Creativity Required.

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Let's say, for example, that you are concerned about Climate Change, Peak Oil, Resource Conservation, and buying less from people who are convinced that America is The Great Satan ... All of that.   And with the arrival of your second child, the apartment just isn't working anymore ... It's time to buy your first home.   Here's how that might sound You:  I'm pre qualified,  I found a Realtor & it's time to go shopping.  I'm hoping to find it all,  More space for the kids,  A modern kitchen, and Energy Efficiency to help the planet - and my Utility...Continue Reading!

110405 ACI Review

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Best Time To Sell It: Before You Buy It

New Site For Green Earth Equities

When's the best time to sell your Green Renovation?    ASAP of course.    I was surprised when i counted them up,  We've sold 6 of our first 12 Green Renovations before they were finished.   (The project on Scott Avenue that we've been talking about & showing on the Tuesday Webinars has been sold during the whole process.)    These pre-sales have been a real blessing ... But now we're moving to the next level ... Selling them before we even buy them. We are prototyping the process right now and of course we share everything we learn right here...Continue Reading!

Energy: Conserve It, Or Capture It?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

I'm sure you've noticed there are two poles of belief about what's important in Residential Energy Conservation ... Basically Conservation or Renewables.   The Conservation Camp says, "Design it right, Build it tight, Vent it right, Insulate the heck out of it, and your heating and cooling costs will be so low that you wont really need Renewables (solar, wind, etc).     This is the mantra of most Home Performance groups and it makes a lot of sense ... especially in new construction.   It's a little more difficult to go "all the way" in retrofit situations where the...Continue Reading!

Trojan Horse Home Performance: Another Way To Get It Done

New Site For Green Earth Equities

                      I've recently begun hearing complaints from folks who are trying to make it in this new Home Performance industry.    What I'm hearing centers around 4 challenges: 1.  Cost in time and money for equipment and training & certification. 2.  Interface with the utility and government programs. 3.  Cost of Marketing and unclosed sales. 4.  Frustration with being unable to sell complete solutions and quality work, now that we know how to deliver it. The Business Model  of Energy Wise House Flipping that we've developed at Green Earth Equities over the last couple of years addresses all four of these issues.  I responded recently to...Continue Reading!

Finding Surprising Deals … Across America

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Some people have asked, "How do you find the good deals?" and I've been thinking about that recently since the last deal found me.   For me, there are two types of real estate search,   On Purpose, and Serendipity. On Purpose includes all the normal methods,  searching the REO listings, Courthouse Steps, Direct Mail etc ... and we need to keep on doing those methods that work for us.    But dont miss out on the Serendipity that can happen by Wandering Around with Curiosity and Expectation. It's good to wake up each day desiring to be a blessing and receive...Continue Reading!


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