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GreenEarthEquities has offered free weekly webinars for years.  With hundreds archived, GEE continues to offer webinars as new and interesting topics arrive.

To participate just sign up for our free eNewsletter by clicking the link at the top right of this page and we’ll email you information on the upcoming  topic  along  with a login link.  You can connect  in various ways, either by computer, by phone or both.

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Archived Presentation Links

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07/01/14 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME and GEE Updates
04/22/14 Maine Updates: Pond Rd, Green and Maine Street
03/25/14 Green Remodel Cold Climate: 12 Green St Bridgton ME
02/04/14 Are Multi-Family Units Good Investments?
12/10/13 198 Pond Rd: Cold Weather Remodeling Update
12/03/13 198 Pond Rd: 1st Blower Door Test and Update
11/26/13 198 Pond Rd: Flooring and HVAC Load Calculations
11/12/13 198 Pond Rd: Squeezing Remodel Budgets
10/29/13 198 Pond Rd: Basement Seal, Siding and Roof
10/22/13 198 Pond Rd. Bridgton ME: Update
10/15/13 3 Fantastic Investments in Bridgton ME
10/08/13 Buy, Hold & Sell: Green Residential Investing
10/01/13 Rising Residential Market Examples: Fresno CA
09/24/13 Manual J Load Calculator: 198 Pond Bridgton ME
09/17/13 1000 Home Challenge: 198 Pond Bridgton ME
09/10/13 Open Forum: Solar and Sacramento Test House
09/03/13 In Depth Budget Review: 4554 E Harvard Fresno CA
08/27/13 Niche Condos Part 2: Return On Investment?
08/20/13 Niche Condos Part 1: Special Value?
08/13/13 Open Forum: Calculating Heating Fuel Costs
08/06/13 Condos: Overlooked Cash Cows?
07/30/13 Picking The Best Green Investment Property Value
07/23/13 Floor Plans Reconfiguration Tips: 198 Pond Rd. ME
07/16/13 Fresno In Top 7 USA Rising Real Estate Markets
07/09/13 GREEN Projects Update From West to East Coast
07/02/13 Hawaii Energy Efficiency, CHERP & Sacramento update
06/25/13 Great New Form For Home Performance Evaluation
06/18/13 3 Project Updates: From East to West Coast
06/11/13 Open Forum: Various Rental Issues
06/04/13 Joint Venture: Easy Way to Get Started!
05/28/13 Plug Load: Reducing Bills and Carbon Footprint
05/21/13 Maine Green Investment Properties
05/14/13 ACI Denver 2013 Post Conference Review
05/07/13 Buy and Hold: Running the Numbers
04/23/13 Slashing Remodel Budgets: 1060 C St. Orange Cove
04/16/13 Energy Decisions and Contractor Conversations
04/09/13 Tax Deed Auction: Orange Cove DEAL or LEMON?
04/02/13 Remodel Loading Order: 440 N Homsy Rent Ready
03/26/13 Online Tax Deed Auction Results: Bid4Assets.com
03/19/13 BPI Trainer Remodels Home – EnergyPro Modeling
03/12/13 Online Tax Lien Auction: Bid4Assets.com
03/05/13 Property and Investment Evaluations
02/26/13 What Buyers Want & 90% Energy Savings: Open Forum
02/19/13 Interview: Devon Hartman CHERP Co-Founder
02/12/13 Home Performance Investment Plan
02/05/13 2013 Dry Climate Home Performance Forum
01/29/13 Passive House: Shaver Lake CA Design Plans
01/22/13 ROI: Phase 1 Rent, Phase 2 Buy Case Study
01/15/13 Interview: Energy Circle Founder/CEO Peter Troast
01/08/13 2013 Green New Year Resolutions
12/18/12 Interview: Green Remodel Forum Founder
12/11/12 DOE-IBACOS-GEE Dry/Hot Test House Results
12/4/12 Fresno CA Investment Properties: Market Strategy
11/27/12 Large Scale Multi Property Investing: Open Forum
11/13/12 Careful Consideration: Which “Deals” are Deals?
10/30/12 Hurricane Sandy & CA Investors Alert: Open Forum
10/23/12 CA Net-Zero Energy & Water Demonstration House
10/16/12 Theft Precautions and Procedures for Vacant Rentals
10/09/12 NREL: 13 Cedar VA Initial Data from Hybrid Mini-Split
10/02/12 ACI Mid Atlantic Pittsburgh Conference Review
09/25/12 Purchasing Leads (ListSource): Open Forum
09/18/12 Foslom CA Real Estate Internet Research: Open Forum
09/11/12 Fresno Duplex: Quick Flip or Buy and Hold?
09/04/12 CTHBS Part 3: Windows and Ductless HVAC
08/27/12 CTHBS Part 2: Roofing and Windows
08/21/12 Can This House Be Saved: Pacific Palisades CA
08/14/12 Long Distance Buying, Tax Deeds…(Open Forum)
07/31/12 What’s are the Magic Rental Investment Numbers?
07/24/12 Jim Carter Interview: HERS Rater & Insulation
07/17/12 What Does Going the Extra (Green) Mile Cost?
07/10/12 Mini Split HVAC install 13 Cedar Round Hill VA
07/03/12 Home Performance? Lessons from Istanbul to Vienna
06/26/12 Creating Flyers with Microsoft Word or Mac Pages
06/19/12 Property Evaluation Schedule Spreadsheet
06/12/12 Getting Organized #2 Filing, Backups & Spreadsheets
06/05/12 Getting Organized #1 Devices, Programs & Apps
05/29/12 Creating Your Home Performance Ninja Team
05/22/12 What Would You Do? 756 Ponderosa Lake Tahoe
05/15/12 Assembling Your “A Team”
05/08/12 What Would You Do?  13 Cedar Round Hill VA
05/01/12 ACI National & Sacramento Conference Interviews
04/24/12 Get into the Game: Wholesaler Interview Buy & Hold
04/17/12 Planning and Preparation: Ron Roberts Interview
04/10/12 Energy Modeling Isn’t Very Accurate – Article Review
04/03/12 Greater ROI With HomePath Interview
03/27/12 Investment Property Alert Package
03/20/12 1000 Home Challenge: Linda Wignington Interview
03/13/12 Wayne Mackey and Linda Wigington Interview
03/06/12 2012 ACI Home Performance Workshops
02/28/12 Green Home Reference Guide with Debra Little Part 2
02/21/12 Green Home Reference Guide with Debra Little Part 1
02/14/12 BPI-Home Energy Rater Interview: Aron Husak
02/07/12 DOE-GEE 13 Cedar Virginia: Incredible Shell Sealing
01/31/12 2012 Forum on Dry Climate Home Performance
01/25/12 G.E.A.R. Added Value Membership Launch
01/17/12 How Low Is Too Low (cfm50 and ASHRAE 62.2)
01/10/12 Is This Property a Deal: 955 W. Euclid Clovis CA
01/03/12 eMonitor Installation: 4404 N. Eddy Fresno CA
12/27/11 440 N Homsy (DOE) & 1207 E. San Madele Wrap Up
12/20/11 BombProof Your Business From Bombed Appraisals
12/13/11 Diversifying Foreclosure Renovation
12/06/11 Home Performance Nightmare DOE VA Test House
11/29/11 DOE-IBACOS-GEE Virginia Test House Plans
11/22/11 Budget Options and Cutbacks
11/15/11 Time For A Change of Investment Strategy?
11/08/11 1207 E. San Madele Fresno CA Update
11/01/11 Home Performance in Mid Atlantic Mixed Dry Climates
10/26/11 More On Mini-Splits: ACI Webinar Overview
10/18/11 Mini-Split Heat Pumps… What We’ve Learned So Far
10/10/11 Be The Scientist, Not Just The Lab Rat
10/03/11 QuickBooks Accounting Overview & Introduction
9/27/11 Portable Task Management: Laptops, Cell Phones…
9/20/11 Getting Top Dollar On Renovations: Success Story
9/13/11 York Nebraska Update: A Continuing Success Story
9/06/11 The eMonitor: Home Performance Monitoring
8/30/11 Home Performance: Why Do We Make It So Difficult?
8/23/11 Do We Really Believe This Stuff?
 8/09/11 Shaky Economy… Now What?
 8/02/11 Energy Loading Order… What’s Most Important?
 7/26/11 Tools & Forms For Marketing, Sales & Leasing
 7/19/11 Using Lease Options To Create A Win-Win
 7/12/11 Increasing The Sales Price & Lowering Costs
 7/05/11 Green Renovation Wars – Intel From The Front Line
 6/15/11 Wall, Shell Seal Insulation & Blower Door Testing
 5/24/11 Cost Breakdown of Energy Wise House Flipping
 5/17/11 Energy Wise House Flipping Rebates and Incentives
 5/10/11 Line by Line Renovation Costs 4942 E Sooner Fresno CA
 5/03/11 Green Opportunities from California to Nebraska
 4/26/11 Challenge for Energy Wise House Flippers
 4/19/11 Property Purchase Run-Off Election
 4/05/11  ACI Wrap Up and Reflections
 3/29/11  HVAC & Plumbing 503 Scott Clovis CA
 3/22/11  Manual J Calculation Training
 3/17/11  REWG Webinar
 3/15/11  Energy Wise Insulation & Remodeling
 3/08/11  Dry Climate Home Performance Expo
 3/01/11  Getting Started Questions & Answers
 2/22/11  Success Stories: Lee Siebert Fresno, CA
 2/01/11  Manual J The Easy Way
 1/25/11  Decision Making: Energy Wise & Otherwise
 1/18/11  Energy Wise Investor’s Wish List
 1/11/11  A Home Performance Career
 1/04/11  Too Many Houses?
12/28/10  Squeezing The Spread
12/21/10  SmartSheets Task Management
12/14/10  Progress Update 1810 Norris Dr E Fresno CA
12/07/10  Heating Cost Calculator
11/30/10  GreenBuildingAdvisor.com
11/23/10  TED 1000 Energy Monitor
11/09/10  Progress Update 1810 Norris Dr. E Fresno CA



  PDF Presentation Slides

   Planet Saver University Archives

GreenEarthEquities also offers a variety of Free and G.E.A.R. Membership PDF slides for use in energy wise residential renovation and investment presentations.  Lacking the audio and video of a Webinar, this format is perfect for use in your own presentations.  Feel free to adapt the information in whatever way necessary to communicate the importance of energy efficiency to audiences of any size.

Click here for downloadable GEE Presentation Slides in PDF format.


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198 Pond Rd & GEE Update

New Site For Green Earth Equities

198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME GEE Updates After a brutal Maine winter (during which the Mini Split system performed fantastically) the snow's melted and our 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME project is all but complete. Join us this Tuesday 6PM PDT for updated remodel photos and costs. Let us know what you think about our Energy, WOW and Done Packages. This property came with a dozen extra acres giving us a variety of sales options. Love to hear your thoughts about final touches to maximize marketing potential. Prior to Pond Rd update discussion on a variety of topics including buy and lease strategies, xeriscaping and...Continue Reading!

Maine and 12 Green Street Bridgton Updates

New Site For Green Earth Equities

198 Pond Rd, 12 Green St. and 510 Main St. Bridgton ME While our Fresno CA properties are already simmering in Summer temps (90 degrees this week) a headline making winter has made our green remodels in Maine challenging to say the least. Tonight we'll get a quick update on 198 Pond Rd. Bridgton ME and take a second look at our newest project in the same town located at 12 Green Street. We're planning to review floor plans and inspection pics, estimates and septic issues. Hoping to keep the remodel at $50,000 or less, we'll need to decide several key project elements...Continue Reading!

Green Remodel: 12 Green Street Bridgton ME

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Green Remodel 12 Green Street Bridgton ME This Tuesday we'll share a quick update on our complete green transformation of 198 Pond Rd. Bridgton ME and introduce our newest project in the same town located at 12 Green Street. Having received our complete Energy, WOW and Done packages, 198 Pond will definitely be a energy wise flip as soon as the record breaking snows melt. While a much smaller project in scope, 12 Green Street has both resale and rent potential. Join us tomorrow hear our thoughts on the matter and share your own.  Either way this project is scheduled to take half the...Continue Reading!

Are Multi-Family Units Good Investments?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Multi-Family Units Are They Good Investments? In past webinars we've taken a look at small multi-family properties with an eye for green investing.  What we're finding is that while the current market can make energy wise flipping somewhat problematic, long term buy and hold strategies can still produce attractive cash flow. Tonight we'll be reviewing several Fresno CA area properties currently available.  I invite you to join the discussion and if you see something you like make an offer as I'm planning to do. As we look at photos, property information and ROI estimates some of the factors we'll be considering include: What's the best...Continue Reading!

Cold Weather Remodeling: 198 Pond Rd ME Update

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Cold Weather Remodeling 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME Update Hi PlanetSavers, We're still in the middle of our continuing series featuring our joint venture project located at 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME. During tonight's update we'll be discussing some or all the following: The second blower door test: What's been done? How much it helped? What's next? Infrared scans showing the leaks. Status of roof, siding, drywall, cabinet, flooring and appliance orders. Dodging the weather. How we work in winter in Maine. Efficiency Maine. Loan or Rebate? Other properties we're looking at in and around Bridgton Investment philosophy in various stages of economic recovery. Why we're bullish on this area. We're...Continue Reading!

Blower Door Test: 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Blower Door Test 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME Tonight our 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME update will focus on the results of our first Blower Door test to determine initial leakage after extensive shell (air) sealing even as the drywall is being replaced. Past projects have shown fantastic results from taking repeated, often even daily Blower Door tests. Air sealing the shell is vital to energy wise retrofits and the foundation of all further energy upgrades. In this cold wet climate we'll also be discussing plans for back up radiant heating and looking at progress pictures of installed triple pane windows, metal roofing and...Continue Reading!

Flooring and Manual J HVAC Load Calculators

New Site For Green Earth Equities

198 Pond Rd. ME Flooring & Manual J HVAC Calculators Tonight our 198 Pond Rd Bridgton ME update will focus on flooring options such as Marmoleum vs. other forms of tile.  One's more expensive to purchase, the other to install. We'll also be comparing a computer generated Manual J HVAC Load Calculation with our single page Excel (Windows) and Numbers (Mac) spreadsheet, which we're happy to provide free of charge to interested attendees. We'll discuss how to use either or both modeling tools, as well as what are the most important input factors in determining the best HVAC fit for individual properties in various...Continue Reading!

Squeezing Remodel Budgets: 198 Pond ME

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Squeezing Remodel Budgets 198 Pond Road Bridgton ME Tonight we'll be discussing the budget for 198 Pond Rd. Bridgton, ME. While at this point in the renovation some decisions have already been made, there are always plenty of last minute "grey area" choices to sort through. Join us tonight to share your two cents with the investors and see how partners brain storm to arrive at a monetary consensus while juggling energy and economic concerns.  Some final considerations include: How much profit should be made off this piece of the project? Is it best to build towards marketing for sale or lease? What extras are most...Continue Reading!

198 Pond Rd. Bridgton ME Update: Basement Seal, Siding and Roof

New Site For Green Earth Equities

98 Pond Rd. Bridgton ME Update: Basement Seal, Siding and Roof GEE wants to thank each of our Tuesday night webinar participants for joining us over the last five years. You've helped make our 250 webinars into a successful training tool for anyone interested in "Saving The Planet One House At A Time." With so many webinars archived and available on our site and with several new and exciting projects on the horizon, we've decided to introduce a change in our Tuesday format through the end of the year.  While remaining dedicated to helping you with your projects and/or offering investment opportunities in...Continue Reading!

198 Pond Bridgton Rd ME: Update

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Real Estate Update 198 Pond Rd. Bridgton, ME (Note: Last week we looked at other Bridgton properties that will produce good cash flow. One was already under contract with another buyer. I offered on one and one more is still up in the air.   Let me know if you want to partner on one of them if we are successful in a purchase.) Tonight we'll be discussing the progress on the 198 Pond Rd project in Bridgton Maine. We've made several decisions since our last update and we'll be explaining our ideas regarding: Windows:  Double Pane, Triple Pane or Restoration plus Indows? Backup Heating:   Propane,...Continue Reading!


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