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The Green Building Boom is great for the housing and building industry in theory.  In practice, red tape and regulations can make it more difficult for Renovators, Investors and Buyers to get all the deep energy retrofits they need and deserve.

GreenEarthEquities is a forum to bring all those interested in building science together to create a consensus within the industry.   From Realtors to Appraisers, Contractors to HERS Raters, Inspectors to government officials, we all have much we can learn from one another.

GEE provides a range of forums designed to foster education and build relationships including  blogs and articles, webinars and videos, to flied trips and consultation services. We encourage you to browse our site for free information.

To find out more about our added value membership service Green Earth Alliance of Renovators (G.E.A.R.) click here.


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110823 Do We Really Believe This Geen Stuff? 110823

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Do We Really Believe This Stuff? 2020 and 2030 Goals Tonight we will discuss the Goals that have been set for 2020 & 2030 and take a look at how we are doing ... Are we on track to achieve them? Are the programs in line with the goals? Are the programs generating the results they promised? Hint: The answer starts with an "N" We'll look at the indicators that show that we may not be serious (enough) about these goals to come anywhere close to achieving them. Of course, that will bring us back to one sector of the Home Performance Universe that is working and is...Continue Reading!

110802 Energy Loading Order & What’s Most Important

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Energy Loading Order & What's Most Important? Choosing What Will Your Budget Allow After Enlightenment, we have a "Menu" of Green Options that is so large (and ever expanding) ... that there is no way we can do "Everything" Tonight we will address the question of how to choose and how to best use the budget that we have. BTW that's really important... having a budget. In our business it depends on the initial purchase price, and the ARV, After Repaired Value. No matter how high our ARV or how big our Spread, we still can't do everything. So how to choose the most...Continue Reading!

Energy Wise Wish List 110118

New Site For Green Earth Equities

What Would You Ask For? I've been invited to a meeting of national thought leaders. We are being asked to show what we are doing to reduce energy use in the United States. I'm working on my presentation and would like to hear your thoughts. My contact at DOE has visited Fresno and knows what we do, so he knows that my presentation will be "outside the box" and quite different from most of the rest of the presenters who will be promoting certifications, rebates, ratings, etc... none of which we use. Rather our message is basically, "turn the American free enterprise spirit...Continue Reading!

ACI Wrap Up and Reflections 110406

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Interviews with ACI Attenders The ACI, Affordable Comfort Conference was the best ever. It was nice that it was in San Francisco,   the first time west of the Rockies. The selection of Home Performance Learning was amazing. Tonight, I'll be summarizing a few points that stood out to me and (if there's time) review the presentation that I made at the conference. Others who attended: Please consider the following questions: 1. What was your biggest take away from the conference? 2. What will you be doing differently as a result of having attended the conference? As always, the value of a conference like this is not...Continue Reading!

DOE (IBACOS) and GEE Project 110606

New Site For Green Earth Equities

GEE-Department of Energy Project As you may recall, GEE has teamed up with the Department of Energy through IBACOS as part of 2-3 year Northern CA Test House project. Since 1991 IBACOS (Integrated Building and Construction Solutions) has been a pioneering source of Services and Research for the U.S. homebuilding industry.  In the past their testing was primarily on new production housing but given the flooding of the market with previously owned and foreclosed homes, the DOE has substancially altered their focus. GEE's 440 N. Homsy Fresno, CA property will be their first energy efficient remodeled test house.  We'll show an overview of the project...Continue Reading!

Shell Sealing: 1810 Norris Drive E Fresno CA

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Discussions on wall and shell seal insulation, literally from the ground up.  Dozens of pictures taken from video (one of many soon to be available for G.E.A.R. subscribers) of what shell sealing underneath a house looks like. We also review today's Blower Door testing of the same property as well as answer any of your questions about how this project's progressing.   To download this Webex presentation click here.  To watch this audio/video presentation you'll need to install the FREE Webex .ARF Player for either Windows or Mac.    Continue Reading!

110405 ACI Review

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=110902155305-1280179f44344cd3b23f61fb52f91035 docname=110405-aci-review username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=110405%20ACI%20Review showhtmllink=true width=500 height=375 unit=px]Continue Reading!

Energy: Conserve It, Or Capture It?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

I'm sure you've noticed there are two poles of belief about what's important in Residential Energy Conservation ... Basically Conservation or Renewables.   The Conservation Camp says, "Design it right, Build it tight, Vent it right, Insulate the heck out of it, and your heating and cooling costs will be so low that you wont really need Renewables (solar, wind, etc).     This is the mantra of most Home Performance groups and it makes a lot of sense ... especially in new construction.   It's a little more difficult to go "all the way" in retrofit situations where the...Continue Reading!

Solar On A Rental: Have I Lost My Mind? Or Found The Key?

New Site For Green Earth Equities

Some of my investor friends say I've finally lost it,  gone completely overboard with this green energy thing ... and my wife thinks they may be right. This week I installed a Photovoltaic Solar System on one of my renovation houses.    The fact that it was on a rental is where my friends thought I took leave of my senses. But I'm liking the idea more and more as the results are unfolding. It looks like the ultimate Win, Win, Win, Win, Win.    You see, I had made a classic Investor mistake:   I had mis-judged the neighborhood and over...Continue Reading!

100601 Passive House Design Overview

[issuu viewmode=presentation showflipbtn=true documentid=100601200306-857ded8544954c4f9c8775fe75102311 docname=100601_passive_house_design_overview username=djr5650 loadinginfotext=100601%20Passive%20House%20Design%20Overview showhtmllink=true tag=energy-wise width=500 height=375 unit=px]Continue Reading!

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